Zenly - Your map, your world.

Defining Zenly's Adolesence: A Strategic Innovation of Connectivity

Zenly, a trailblazer in location-sharing technology, sought a visual narrative reflective of its pioneering spirit and commitment to seamless connectivity among friends. Designing and mangaging the 3d studio and creative teams, I embarked on a sharpening and pushing the edges of the brand. My goal was to encapsulate its technological excellence while radiating an aura of fun and reliability, ensuring that every user interaction felt intuitive and enchanting.

The brand identity embodies its pioneering ethos, attracting users with enchanting design

From custom merchandising, guidelines, comunity activations, paid media, and video production, under my direction the vision of brand became something of moodboards to a set of actionable guidelines. Zenly's creative identity became a seamless transition that living both on and off app to its community.